UNEP FI regularly produces guidance documents to help signatories of the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) implement and report on their commitment to the Principles. You will find a list of guidance documents available below:

Guidelines for Climate Target Setting for Banks

The Guidelines for Climate Target Setting for Banks outline key principles to underpin the setting of credible, robust, impactful and ambitious targets in line with achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Guidance on Gender Equality

The Guidance on Gender Equality Target Setting delivers a practical example of what a gender equality target can look like, providing guidance on the different elements of setting targets in line with the requirements of the PRB, and what alignment with international and national frameworks can look like.

Guidance on Reporting and Providing Limited Assurance

The Reporting Guidance supports signatories of the PRB with reporting on their implementation of the Principles. The Guidance for Assurance Providers: Providing Limited Assurance for Reporting aims at assisting assurance providers with undertaking limited assurance on PRB reporting, and at harmonizing the assurance approach and procedures for signatory banks.

Guidance on Impact Analysis

The Guidance Document on Impact Analysis provides more detailed explanations of the requirements for conducting an impact analysis, what data is required, who in your bank you should reach out to, and examples of the external stakeholders your bank could engage with.