30 August 2007 | Frankfurt Main

The G8 summit 2007 in Heiligendamm achieved a breakthrough for international climate protection. The G8 committed themselves to work towards a follow-up agreement to the Kyoto Protocol within the UN framework by the end of 2009. Climate change is both a challenge and an opportunity. Only by working together can policymakers and business tackle climate change. This is essential for the future of the global economy. The recently released UNEP FI Climate Change Statement at the G8 summit in June, 2007 has shown that climate change is indeed of highest relevance to the financial sector. Therefore the German Federal Environment Ministry and the Federal Environment Agency aim to promote dialogue and cooperation between the financial sector and climate policymakers by this international conference. The conference will be supported by UNEP FI and hosted by UNEP FI signatory KfW. The conference is geared towards financial service providers both in Germany and abroad, in the context of the dialogue initiated at the G8 Summit in Gleneagles with the 20 major energy-consuming countries. The results of the conference will generate an input to the coming Ministerial Meeting in the Gleneagles Dialogue in September 2007 that will focus, inter alia, on international strategies for investments in climate protection. The detailed agenda and registration form for the event is available on http://www.adelphi-consult.com/climateinvestment07