Launch: UNEP FI Impact Analysis Tools

2 April 2020 | Online


Launch of UNEP FI Corporate Impact Analysis Tool & Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks

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UNEP FI is launching two hands-on tool prototypes that will enable banks, investors and their service providers to implement a holistic approach to impact. Join us in the online launches to see the live demos of the innovative tools!

What’s new?

The Corporate Impact Analysis Tool helps banks and investors gain a cross-cutting view of their client and investee companies’ impact status by identifying a companies’ impact profile based on the reality of its business activities and the needs of the countries in which it operates, whether for sourcing, production or sales. By taking a holistic view, current impacts can be identified and assessed more strategically whilst working to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts. This kind of analysis will help transform business models, driving up the private sector’s effectiveness in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

The analysis is divided into three parts, with data to be drawn from a combination of public sources and corporate engagement:

  • Identification of significant impact areas, based on company typology, geography and sectors of activity. A corporate’s impacts are linked to the nature of its business activities; they depend on the sectors and activities that these support, and where these sectors and activities are based or taking place.
  • Assessment of the company’s impact performance and impact management capabilities. Once the significant impact areas of the corporate have been determined, the next step is to assess the corporate’s performance vis a vis these impact areas. Based on the information compiled, users will gain a sense of the corporate’s impact status.
  • Monitoring of the company’s significant impact areas, performance and management capabilities over time. The tool can be used to monitor evolution over time and to revise corporate profiles and statuses accordingly.

The Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks is designed to guide banks through an analysis of their portfolios. The tools, developed jointly with signatories of the newly launched Principles for Responsible Banking, will help banks have a global view of their own business and what impact themes to focus on as a matter of priority, based on the impact profile of their portfolios and the impact needs of the countries they are active in. The analysis will allow banks to set targets where it matters in order to drive their contribution to society’s goals. Working with clients will be key for achieving targets that make significant contributions to society. For this, the two tools can helpfully be used in tandem.

(UNEP FI is hosting members only webinars to demonstrate the Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks on 31 March 2020 at 09:30 and 15:30 CET. To register, please contact Mihnea Filip

In a way similar to the corporate tool, the banking portfolio tool helps users identify the most significant impact areas of the bank’s different portfolios. It then enables an assessment of performance vis a vis these impact areas. The aim is to help banks set themselves impact targets that are meaningful, where it matters most. The tool currently covers consumer banking, business banking, corporate banking and investment banking portfolios.

08:30 – 10:00 CET – Register now

16:00 – 17:30 CET – Register now