Webinar: Frameworks for Positive Impact Finance: applying holistic impact analysis to corporates

22 January 2019 | Webinar


This webinar helps financial institutions understand how to apply a positive holistic impact lens to portfolios or products for corporates with unspecified use of proceeds, via a recently released Model Framework.

This Framework serves as a basis for a new Working Group on holistic impact analysis, which brings together financial institutions to test the framework with real cases and share learnings.

The Model Frameworks are the tools through which the PI Principles are interpreted and implemented. They are developed by the PI Initiative to guide the delivery of Positive Impact financial products and for ongoing portfolio monitoring. Financial institutions can use them to develop or adapt their own frameworks. Auditors, analysts and other stakeholders can use them to verify or provide opinions on the PI nature of financial products.

Marie-Aimee Boury, Managing Director, Positive Impact, Société Générale
Careen Abb, Lead, Positive Impact Initiative, UNEP FI
Jérôme Lavigne-Delville, Senior Manager, Catalyzing Financial Innovation for the SDGs, UN Global Compact

Click here to watch the webinar, and here to view the slides.