Webinar: Climate Thought Leadership Series Papers 5 & 6

13 April 2021 | BrightTalk
13 April 2021 | 15:00 – 16:00 CET
EIT Climate-KIC has partnered with UNEP FI to produce this ‘Thought Leadership Series’ that aims to inspire financial actors worldwide to move from risk to alignment, challenge current assumptions around climate alignment and develop ideas and concepts on how alignment can best be achieved. We hope to encourage stakeholders that a proactive climate response is not only about disclosing risks, but also about investing in green opportunities that can enable the low emissions societies of the future. This series convenes innovators and industry experts to provoke discussion, challenge the status quo and guide the transformation of business and finance towards a sustainable future.

UNEP FI and EIT Climate-KIC present the 5th and 6th papers of this Thought Leadership Series:
“#5. Making Green Bonds Serve the Climate Goals”
The fifth paper in this series will be presented by Massamba Thioye from UNFCCC, who proposes a reform of the current green bond framework to incentivize mainstream financiers to buy green bonds.”
“#6. Financial Stability in a Planetary Emergency: the role of regulators in a burning world”
The sixth paper is from James Vaccaro and David Barmes of the Climate Safe Lending Network, who explore the leadership roles of regulators and the implications for financial institutions to accelerate the transition towards a resource-efficient and inclusive economy.

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