The webinar, organized jointly by Agence française de développement, the Inter-American Development Bank and UNEP Finance Initiative, will take a glimpse into the current landscape of standards and practices related to indigenous peoples’ rights and stakeholder engagement, with a focus on the free, prior and informed consent principle. It will also consider barriers to the principle implementation and solutions to address them. It will be set up as a platform of knowledge exchange between industry representatives and human rights experts working with indigenous groups and on stakeholder engagement in business.

Brief Agenda

  • A global overview of the status of free, prior and informed consent implementation as part of a meaningful stakeholder engagement process: from standards affecting the industry to implementation from a right-holder perspective
  • Practice-sharing and insights from public and private financial institutions on engaging with indigenous peoples and communities, with a focus on the free, prior and informed consent principle implementation


  • Ariel Meyerstein, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sustainability Program Citi, US
  • Alfred Netch, Head, Environmental, Health and Safety, International Development Corporation, South Africa
  • Emmanuelle Bru, Manager, Stakeholder Dialogue and Human Rights, BNP Paribas, France
  • Hector Peña, Executive Director, Programs and Products; and Karely Guzmán Soto, Lead, Financing Strategies for Carbon Reduction in Forest Areas, Financiera Nacional de Desarrollo, Mexico
  • Juan Antonio Martinez Legaria, Social Practice Leader, Environmental and Social Unit, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Linda Zanfini, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Agence Française de Développement
  • Sabina Timco, Human Rights and Social Issues Lead, UNEP FI (moderator)

Download the full agenda here.

View the slides here. To request a recording of the webinar, please contact Sabina Timco.