This event is the first in a series on climate-aligned investing in Africa run by UNEP FI. A first step towards adaptation to future climate change is reducing vulnerability and exposure to present climate variability. Significant co-benefits, synergies and trade-offs exist between mitigation and adaptation and among different adaptation responses across sectors.

Questions investors in Africa must ask themselves are:

  • How can investors assess and manage risks associated with climate?
  • Can company and industry-level targets be aggregated to provide an indication of portfolio alignment for investors?
  • How can different sectors of the economy, such as Energy or Utilities, relate to the transition to a net-zero and climate resilient economy?
  • How can investors engage with different sectors of the economy to report on progress to clients, regulators, and other stakeholders?


  • Reuben Wambui, Africa Regional Coordinator, UNEP FI (moderator)
  • Rahnuma Chowdhury, Investor Climate Action Lead, UNEP FI
  • Dr. Olufunso Somorin, Regional Principal Officer, East Africa, African Development Bank (AfDB)
  • Gloria NamandeProject Manager at NDC Support Programme

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