Company Profile
Banco Continental began it´s operations in 1980, with the goal of providing banking services of excellence.
Today it occupies an undisputed leadership role in the paraguayan financial system, positioning itself as the fastest growing bank in recent years.
With its wide territorial coverage, Banco Continental provides timely solutions through the best, and most flexible, financial products and services its clients. Banco Continental offers diverse and high quality financing services in retail banking, corporate banking, SMEs, agribusiness, fixed-term deposits, fiduciary and trade commerce and finance, among others.
Banco Continental expresses its commitment to contributing to the sustainable use of natural resources, and improving the quality of life of people, through the analysis of the interactions between the activities of its customers and the environment, breaking the paradigms that divorce private practices from social and environmental problems.
We seek to continuosly adapt to a ever evolving world, incorporating high environmental responsibility standards, in constant pursuit of the achievement of our objectives related to sustainable development combined with economic growth, social equity and ecological value.
To ensure the fulfillment of our commitment to the environment and society, we implement an environmental and social management system in the Bank’s credit processes. This system consists of a series of procedures that identify, assess, mitigate and monitor possible impacts, and environmental and social risks associated with our customers activities, and the ability of the borrower to manage its impact.
Having the SEMS initially been developed in 2009, It has been continuously improved and updated year to year, and it has been incorporated as part of our normal credit and risk procedures.
In 2012, as a pioneer in SEMS in the Paraguayan financial system, and accompanied by other banks in the system, Banco Continental integrated the Sustainable Finance Roundtable, with the goal of promoting and setting S&E management standards and common requirements, by unifying criteria and therefore enhancing the social and environmental efforts of the roundtable´s members.
In 2013 our Board of Directors, based on its own and shared by international peers, concern regarding the alarming deforestation that takes place in the Chaco, has decided to modify the bank´s SEMS, incorporating a greater and stricter evaluation process for clients, or proyects, from the agricultural sector in the Chaco region, in order to finance proyects that involve activities other than deforestation, and in accordance to paraguayan regulation, balancing environmental and financial performance.
Banco Continental´s vision is of being the leading Paraguayan bank, ally of it´s clients and of reference in the market in terms of excellence, quality, personalized customer attention, competitiveness, and of ongoing commitment towards the community.