Gulf International Bank (UK) Limited provides asset management and treasury services. GIB UK takes a responsible approach to investment, embedding the Principles of Responsible Investment across all their asset classes and activities. GIB UK aims to embed sustainability in how they deliver treasury services. GIB UK has offices in London and New York.

Sustainability and responsible investing is a key part of how GIB UK does business. On the asset management side, GIB UK has been adopting Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) principles since their inception in 1974 through complying with Shari’ah principles. More recently, GIB UK has integrated ESG considerations into their asset classes, and have developed products in line with their vision of scaling and mobilising significant capital in support of sustainable investment strategies.

GIB UK believes that being part of UNEP FI will help the Bank accelerate their contribution to meeting sustainable development goals. GIB believes that the way they invest and operate makes a difference, and that the finance sector plays a critical role in stimulating a more sustainable way of doing business. This is why GIB UK is committed to embedding principles of sustainability across all aspects of their business.