Company Profile
INTERAMERICAN, a member of EUREKO, a leading European Financial Group, is a modern, dynamic and financially robust company offering a comprehensive range of flexible insurance products and services. Present in the Greek market for 36 years, it holds a leading position in Life, Health and Property & Casualty Insurance. INTERAMERICAN’s income exceeded 470 million euros in 2005 and paid out more than 250 million euros in claims. With a history of product innovation, strong market presence, large client base and its energetic agent – based national distribution network, Interamerican is rated first in reputation among insurance companies in Greece.

INTERAMERICAN and Sustainability / CSR

Interamerican in 2006 has considerably strengthened its environmental / sustainability pillar though a number of initiatives, both internal and external. The Company is currently in the process of re-examining its overall impacts on the environment while preparing for the adoption of ISO 14000 series certification. At the same time it has developed the necessary structures for the implementation of its renewed participatory environmental policy.

Interamerican is also the leader within the Hellenic insurance market in the preparation for the introduction of environment-related insurance products, having the necessary technical capacity, the benefit of a special relationship with the re-insurance industry and prominent brand transparency, while observing closely the latest developments on environmental insurance within the European Union, the Hellenic administration and all relevant stakeholders.

In line with Eureko Group’s Mission Statement which exemplifies a firm commitment to ethical conduct, social and environmental responsibility, Interamerican operates a focused, efficient and concrete CSR umbrella program, titled “Actions of Life”, which remains for the 4th consecutive year the only CSR program operated by a Greek Insurance Firm that has been listed in the Hellenic Awareness & Social Behavior Index (ASBI) in the areas of corporate CSR recognition, transparency and societal penetration. With active employee participation the program concentrates on four areas: Care for health, Care for managing risks, Care for vulnerable groups and Care for the environment.