Löf is a nationwide insurance company that is owned by its policyholders, the Swedish Regions. Löf’s main task is to insure the publicly financed healthcare providers in Sweden. Löf’s end customers are the patients who have suffered an injury.

Löf Regionernas Ömsesidiga Försäkringsbolag’s operations are governed by the Swedish Patient Injuries Act and the Swedish Tort Liability Act. As a mutual insurance company, they are owned by the Swedish Regions and their business is not based on profit-making.

Löf Regionernas Ömsesidiga Försäkringsbolag wishes to strengthen the governance and transparency of the sustainable growth and development in their company. The Principles of Sustainable Insurance Initiative gives Löf a tool to evaluate and continuously improve their work. It will also aid Löf in concrete and transparent sustainable communication with their customers, owners and other interested parties. Finally, it will give Löf the opportunity to participate and add value to the development and knowledge base within the Insurance industry’s sustainability work, on a national and global level.