Company Profile
With more than 25 years’ experience, Mirova is the second-largest European manager of open-ended SRI funds and social business funds with € 4.2 billion assets under management in equity, € 6.6 billion in advising on SRI (fixed-income and balanced funds) and € 23.6 billion in voting and engagement and. Mirova has 38 multi-disciplinary experts: specialists in thematic investment management, engineers, financial and ESG analysts, specialists and experts in socially-conscious finance and project financing.
Mirova’s philosophy is based on the conviction that integrating sustainable development themes can generate solutions that create value for investors over the long term. This philosophy revolves around three convictions: the link between finance and the real economy by investing in companies with innovative business models, the value creation by identifying sustainable assets capable of delivering performance over the long term and lastly responsibility and engagement by becoming actively involved in improving corporate, business sector and financial practices.
Mirova offers a global responsible investing approach around 4 pillars:
• Listed equities: investing in global companies that provide innovative solutions through a global approach structured around 8 major sustainable development themes.
• Infrastructure: financing responsible projects with strong yield potential, based on two key areas of expertise: renewable energies and public-private partnerships.
• Impact investing: investing in non-listed companies with a strong social and environmental impact.
• Voting and engagement: supporting investors in the exercise of their voting rights and the implementation of engagement actions.