Brief Overview of Organisation

MKB Bank, a universal financial institution, is one of the oldest and most determinant members of the Hungarian banking System.
Its main business activities include corporate and institutional banking services, international banking relationships, retail, private banking and small business as well as money and capital market services. Through its interests, MKB Bank provides complex vehicle and machinery financing, fund management and advisory services, sets up credit structures if necessary, furthermore meets specific banking needs, and offers pension and health fund services to its clients.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

MKB Group, as a responsible group of companies, also wants to set an example in terms of sustainability and climate goals through its day-to-day operations, internal processes and the formation of its employee community.
Our sustainability and climate strategy are on two pillars. The strategic directions, on the one hand due to the role of the MKB Group as a financial institution (“KB partner in green finance*) and on the other hand, formulate a vision and actions for the MKB Group as a group of companies (“MKB is the responsible group of companies”).