The Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń S.A. Group (PZU Group) is one of the largest financial institutions in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The tradition of PZU dates back to 1803 when the first insurance company was established in Poland. As the heir to more than 200 years if tradition, PZU has provided comprehensive insurance coverage in all key areas of private, public and commercial life for many years. In addition, to the insurance business, the PZU Group is also active in the management of open-end pension funds, mutual funds and savings programs.

PZU is today one of the most rapidly developing groups in Poland. In 2006, it achieved a record financial result in the history of Polish insurance: a net profit of PLN 3.7 billion put the PZU Group among the most profitable financial institutions in the country and among the most efficient insurance companies in the European market.

The PZU Group offers to its clients the broadest range of products in the Polish insurance market. As part of the basic insurance business, encompassing non-life insurance, life insurance and other personal insurance, the PZU Group’s clients have a choice of nearly 200 types of insurance.

PZU strives to continuously increase the level of satisfaction of the needs of its clients by steadily improving service quality and continually expanding development opportunities. PZU is most valued for its experience, tradition, Polish origin, strong financial position and easy access to the Company’s agents and branches. PZU operates in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.