Company Profile

QBE Insurance Group Limited is an Australian-based public company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. QBE’s founding company was formed in 1886. QBE is recognised as Australia’s largest international insurance and reinsurance company and is one of the top 25 global insurers and reinsurers.

Total assets are in excess of A$39billion with a market capitalisation in excess of A$20billion. Gross premium revenue for 2008 is expected to be in excess of A$13.3 billion.

QBE has a broad geographic spread of business, with strong franchises in the world’s major markets. 42.9% of the business is generated in Europe, Australia 21.7%, the Americas 30.5% and Asia Pacific 4.9%.

QBE’s business has grown substantially over the past 10 years, gross premium revenue growing at approximately 20% compound average growth and with investment in QBE’s shares over the past 20 years growing at an average compound rate in excess of 22%p.a. QBE shareholders have benefited from QBE’s strategy of spreading its risk through a diversity of products and operations in 45 countries.


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