Reinsurance Company Dunav Re a.d.o


Date joined:13 May, 2022
Initiatives:Principles for Sustainable Insurance

Brief Overview of Organization

Dunav Re is the largest reinsurance company in Serbia, where we offer a full range of reinsurance products in all lines of business, with a primary focus on non-life business. Our history stretches back more than 45 years and our main drive is long-term continuity, rather than short-term profit. Our primary goal is to develop innovative reinsurance products and services that give our clients peace of mind knowing that they are well reinsured. Our ambition is to be the most trusted, transparent, and innovative company, fulfilling the economic function of reinsurance for the benefit of our clients. By creating quality products and services that meet the needs of our business partners, we put their interests first. This is supported by our main shareholder Dunav Insurance Company, the largest insurance company in Serbia. Both companies focus on the long-term interests of their business partners, employees, shareholders, and society. In terms of our 2021 net written premium, 25.53% was generated in Serbia while 74.47% came from other countries, proving that we are a company with a focus on international business with a wider geographical scope.

Summary of Sustainability Strategy

The Company has been dealing with sustainability impacts on a wide range of environmental and human issues for years, from the preservation of natural resources to a commitment to human and social wellbeing, although no international commitment has been signed so far. We believe that governments, companies, and investors have a responsibility to mitigate the impacts of a changing climate and facilitate a transition to a climate-resilient economy. Being the Company committed to reductions in the uncertainty in the environment, social responsibility, and creating sustainable values for our shareholders and employees, we have successfully implemented ESG issues into our business strategies. Thanks to our informative and educational function, we have become a leader and active promoter of ESG principles in sustainable insurance in the local and regional markets. Joining UN Environment’s PSI Initiative will guide our internal policies and practices and help shape our overall approach to sustainability. We further expect that as part of a global community that shares the same values and goals, we will better promote PSI in order to be accepted and followed by our business partners.