Rentes Genevoises are an insurance mutual incorporated as a public institution with a social goal. They are an autonomous body, with the personality and legal capacity necessary for the exercise of its function.

Their main goal is to provide life insurance in the field of old age and longevity risk by serving annuities to their clients. They can sign all kind of third and second pillar annuity contracts. Natural and legal person can become a client. Incorporated in 1849, Rentes Genevoises had, as of 31.12.2019, 18’727 clients and 35 employees.

By becoming a signatory, Rentes Genevoises aim to signal to the broader public its engagement to sustainable development. The endorsement of the four principles are a natural step in our development. Rentes Genevoises already manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues -or sustainability issues- within their processes. Nevertheless, they aim to gain expertise and reporting capabilities through this journey. In the future, they will also assess how they can add value to the PSI global partnership and initiatives.