Company Profile:
Suramericana S.A. is one of the largest Latin American companies in the Insurance Industry, with a presence in nine countries, where it is presented as Seguros SURA. In Colombia, it also participates in the social security sector, through EPS SURA, ARL SURA, Dynamics and Risk Management Consulting, among others.

It is recognized for its experience of more than 75 years in the market. It differs by having a multisegment, multichannel and multi-region feature to accompany its more than 17 million customers with insurance and trend and risk management solutions, which provide sustainable well-being and competitiveness to individuals and organizations. It is a subsidiary of Grupo SURA, which has 81.1% of the company. The German Munich Re also participates, with 18.9% ownership.

Sustainability Strategy:
The validity of companies over time depends on the ability to recognize and adapt to environmental conditions, integrating environmental, social and corporate governance aspects, and trying to generate positive impacts, beyond the financial results.

We understand corporate responsibility as a principle of action and assume the commitment to sustainable development as a transversal factor in our strategy. The way we achieve our results is as important as the results themselves.