Brief Overview of Organization

Founded in 1938, Halkbank has become one of the steadily growing, well-established leader and respected brands of rising Turkey. Leading the development of the Turkish banking sector, Halkbank was established with the mission of providing loans under favorable terms to tradesmen, micro and small businesses for the purpose of ensuring permanent economic development, social stability and peace. In addition, Halkbank is pioneering the banking sector in Turkey with the products and services offered in the corporate, commercial, SME and retail segments.

Supported by its deep-rooted know-how, effective organizational structure and strong corporate governance system, Halkbank’s sustainability approach is one of the main focal points that shape the bank’s business processes. One of the most esteemed institutions in Turkey, Halkbank’s sustainability approach is based on the motto ‘For the world to be more habitable and life to be more sustainable…’. With this motto, which ensures the integration of sustainability priorities into all decision-making processes, Halkbank works for a habitable world and carries out its activities where economic, social and environmental impacts are balanced and growth is obtained without disrupting this balance. Halkbank creates value with its longstanding background, knowledge, competent human resources, brand value identified with trust and reputation, physical and digital service network spread throughout the country, and it provides opportunities with its responsible products and services. Halkbank also matches the outputs of the value creation process with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as part of its ‘We are People First, Then the Bank’ approach, also undertaking its responsibilities and duties.