What are the terms and conditions of joining UNEP FI?
  1. Complete a membership form and show your commitment to the Principles for Responsible Banking (banks), Principles for Sustainable Insurance (insurers) or  UNEP Statement of Commitment by Financial Institutions on Sustainable Development (investors).
  2. Start fulfilling your commitments.
  • Banks can find out about The Key Steps to be Implemented by Signatories.
  • Insurers, reinsurers and brokers can access core PSI documents and access implementation support including the ESG Guidelines for the global insurance industry.
  • Investors can scale up their contribution to sustainable development and support our responsible investment work programme.
  • All members can access cross-industry workstreams and resources to deepen integration of specific issues such as climate change, biodiversity & ecosystems, impact-based financing and social issues.
  1. Contribute to or adopt relevant tools, methodologies and guidelines and participate in our community of practice.
    Your focal point should keep abreast of good practice and resources that support implementation, participate in webinars and events, including UNEP FI’s Annual General Meetings and Roundtables, and disseminate knowledge, expertise and opportunities to participate internally within your organization as appropriate.
  2. Report on progress.
    Report as expected under the relevant industry Principles and submit your annual sustainability report (where available) to be included in your company profile on UNEP FI’s members’ web page.
  3. Pay your Membership fee.
    Membership contribute fees on an annual basis. Fees are calculated based on:
  • Banks – total assets of your company
  • Investors – total assets under management (AUM)
  • Insurers – Risk carriers: total gross premiums written; Intermediaries and other insurance service providers – other assets; Other companies – total assets.

Financial groups: A financial institution with multiple lines of business that becomes a UNEP FI member may with to sign up to the Principles for Responsible Banking, Principles for Sustainable Insurance and Principles for Responsible Investment to benefit from implementing each industry framework to position each area of your business for changing social, environmental and economic operating conditions and manage related risks and opportunities.

Subsidiaries: Subsidiaries of existing UNEP FI Members are welcome to join as independent Members. Subsidiaries that become stand-alone members would then be committed to sustainability integration at a subsidiary level, and would be recognized publicly as members in their own right. Subsidiary Members’ annual contribution fees are determined taking into account the total assets of the subsidiary itself, excluding those of the parent company. Subsidiaries may be eligible for a 50% reduction in their membership fee.