The businesses that we finance, invest in and insure depend on nature and biodiversity. The world’s ocean, forests and lands provide much of the raw materials, goods and services which underpin the global economy.

At risk from over-exploitation and environmental degradation, there is an urgent need to manage these natural assets more effectively in order to ensure the health and  wellbeing of society, and stability of businesses and the financial system at the heart of the economy.

The financial community has a critical role to play in safeguarding this stock of natural capital, through financing, insuring and investing in companies in the real economy.

UNEP FI works with members and partners to embed sustainable decision-making into mainstream finance. We provide technical research and guidance, working with the financial community on cutting-edge  innovations and frameworks, and developing industry-wide tools linking science, policy, economics and finance, bringing nature to the heart of financial decision-making.

Explore our tools, projects, initiatives and resources below:

Oceans and land:

Projects with the Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA):

How to start Setting Biodiversity Targets:

  1. Read our report to get started
  2. Use our online ENCORE tool to see which sectors impact and depend on natural capital
  3. Explore our Blue Finance and Land Use initiatives looking at ocean and land impacts
  4. For banks: join our PRB sub-working group on biodiversity target-setting

Highlighted Reports:

Beyond 'Business as Usual': Biodiversity Targets and Finance
This report provides a pathway for financial institutions to build back better, start setting biodiversity targets in 9 critical sectors, and contribute to halting and reversing the biodiversity crisis.

Integrating Natural Capital in Risk Assessments
A step-by-step guide to help financial institutions conduct a rapid natural capital risk assessment.The report guides users through two processes: Rapid Natural Capital Risk Assessment and Sector/Asset Analysis. Could help in climate scenario analyses as recommended by the TCFD. Published January 2019

Good Growth Partnerships Highlight Report
The Good Growth Partnership convenes a wide range of stakeholders and initiatives throughout soy, beef and palm oil supply chains to reduce deforestation and enable sustainable development. The Year Three Highlights report details the progress made to date and is a testament to how each partner organization has come together as an integrated force for change. Published September 2020

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