Principle 2 of the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) requires banks to perform an impact analysis of their portfolios to identify their most significant impact areas and set impact targets and action plans accordingly, so as to manage their positive and negative impacts.

To help facilitate this, UNEP FI has developed the Impact Protocol, as well as a Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks. The Tool is built upon a number of Impact Mappings, which are also available as standalone resources. The Tool is not mandatory to use but all banks should refer to the Impact Protocol and those not using the Tool should also refer to the Mappings.

The User Guide to the Impact Mappings is a step-by-step guide on how to conduct an impact analysis as part of a broader impact management process as per the Impact Protocol utilising the individual Impact Mappings. Whilst we recommend to use (or draw inspiration from) the Tool, this guide is designed for those that have limited/no access to the Tool or wish to build on in-house tools.

  • Download the Impact Protocol here.
  • Download the User Guide to the Impact Mappings here.
  • Download the Impact Mappings here.
  • Download the Indicator Library here.

Note that the impact analysis and management process requires the collection of multiple data points internally before the relevant data from the Impact Mappings can be used; therefore users will need to set up their own data collecting and data pairing files and mechanisms in replacement of utilising the Impact Analysis Tool.

For reference the Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool for Banks can be found here.