The Corporate Impact Analysis Tool helps banks and investors gain a cross-cutting view of the impact status and possibilities of their clients and investee companies. Based on the Positive Impact Initiative’s unique approach, it provides a holistic analysis of companies’ impacts across different sectors and countries.

  • Download the Tool here (version 15.12.2023)


  • The Tool is a “live tool” that actively incorporates user feedback; we recommend that you frequently check the website for updates to ensure you have the latest version.
Key Features

The analysis is divided into three parts:

  • Identification of significant impact areas, based on company typology, geography and sectors of activity
  • Review of country needs and priorities in the company’s country/ies of activity
  • Assessment of the company’s impact performance and impact management capabilities

The findings of the Tool are intended to help users manage their portfolios, meet their impact targets, and ultimately become more effective at managing impact-related risks and opportunities in close collaboration with their clients and investee companies. It is also anticipated that the Tool may be used by corporates themselves as a contribution to strategic planning and business development.

The development process of this Tool was conducted in 2019-2020 over a period of 12 months and involved a Working Group made up of banks, investors and service providers.


UNEP FI thanks Japan Credit Rating Agency Ltd. (JCRA) and Quants Research Inc. (QR) whose support enabled an update of the Tool in 2023.

Additional Resources
  • Download the demo version of the Tool here
  • Watch the recordings of the launch webinars, which include a live demo here

What are the main use cases for the Tool?

There are multiple use-cases for the Tool. Its main purpose is to enable banks and investors to gain a holistic understanding of their client and investee companies’ impact status and possibilities so that they might become active partners in the transition to a more impactful and impact-driven economy. With or without specific products such as SL Loans or SDG bonds being associated. Corporates themselves might also make use of the tool for self-assessment and strategic planning.

Is the Tool applicable to all types of companies?

Yes, although it is currently best suited to larger companies than to SMEs. All sectors are covered.


Are you using the Corporate Impact Analysis Tool? What has your experience been like? Share your feedback with the UNEP FI Secretariat and check the website regularly for updates! The adjustments will be listed so you can keep track of what is changing.


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