The SDG Mapping charts the Impact Areas and Topics of the UNEP FI Impact Radar (2022 edition) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Mapping was produced by UNEP FI as part its suite of tools and resources for Holistic Impact Analysis.

The mapping includes:

  • an Impact Radar to SDGs mapping (detailed and summary)
  • an SDGs to Impact Radar

The mappings are built around:

  • ‘main’ equivalences, which capture direct associations between an Impact Topic and an SDG; and
  • ‘other’ equivalences, which capture relevant but less explicit associations.

These were determined utilizing the target and indicator levels of the SDG framework as a guide. Once the main and other equivalences were mapped at the goal level, the corresponding SDG targets and indicators were then mapped to the Impact Topics. All 17 Goals are mapped to at least one Impact Topic. 

Download here.