The Principles for Positive Impact Finance were launched in Paris on January 30th 2017 by 19 leading banks and investors totaling $6.6 trillion in assets.

The Principles provide guidance for financiers and investors to analyse, monitor and disclose the social, environmental and economic impacts of the financial products and services they deliver.

They provide a global framework applicable across their different business lines, including retail and wholesale lending, corporate and investment lending, and asset management.

The Principles require a holistic appraisal of positive and negative impacts on economic development, human well-being and the environment: this is what makes them innovative.

High-level representatives from the financial sector and M. Michel Sapin, French Minister for the Economy and Finance attended the launch.

This unique event gathered approximately 200 participants including commercial banks, investors, insurers, corporations, rating agencies, analysts, auditors and public sector representatives from central and municipal governments, multilateral and development banks, and UN bodies.

Download the programme of the event here.

Read the press release in English and in French.

Jacques Attali, President Positive PlaNet Foundation, spoke the following inspiring words at the Launch in Paris:
“Since finance is at the core of everything, finance should be long-term oriented. Often, when we look at the world, we see that wealthy people are impatient and poor people are patient. It should be the other way round. And what you are doing with the Principles for Positive Impact is trying to develop patient capitalism– thinking long-term, keeping in mind that it is in the interest of the existing generation to take care of the next generations.”

Additional significant messages of keynote speakers at the event can be viewed below:

Michel Sapin, French Minister of the Economy and Finance.

Séverin Cabannes, Deputy CEO Société Générale.

Elliot Harris, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the New York Office of the UN Environment Programme.

Eric Usher, Director of UNEP FI.

Further information on the Positive Impact initiative is available here.