The ESRA Introductory Workshop seeks to:

  • Illustrate the environmental and social risks involved in lending and investing projects as a consequence of the activities of their clients.
  • Guide participants through strategies and tools.
  • Explore next steps in terms of promoting the efficient implementation of E&S risk analysis in the host country’s financial sector at large.
Content and target audience

The day of training is divided into four key sections:

  1. Introduction: In this first section participants are introduced to the overall concept of sustainable finance and to the more specific area of environmental and social risk in the finance sector.
  2. Training exercises: This is the core part of the Workshop. Participants are taught to identify potential environmental and social risks associated to the projects their clients seek financial services for.
  3. Presentation of existing best practice: Participants are provided with an insider view to how some financial institutions have already devised policies and standard procedures to analyze this “new” category of risk, presented with examples of best practice.
  4. Final debate: At this final stage of the day participants are invited to pool their thoughts in terms of what they consider to be the needs and next steps in order for their institution to be able to introduce or improve their environmental and social risk management systems.

These workshops are designed for risk managers and analysts in corporate, investment and retail banking with little or no knowledge/experience in ESRA. Groups of participants vary between 20 and 30 persons.

Frenquency and costs

The workshops are organised on demand only (sector-wide or in-house for UNEP FI members). In general, participation is free of charge as our workshops are usually supported and sponsored by local partners.

Overall, 45 ESRA introductory workshops have been held in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese with a total of 1,708 participants from 34 countries since 2005. Access the workshops details below.

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