There is a consensus on the potential of green hydrogen generated from renewable energy and water, as well as its contribution to addressing the impacts of Climate Change. The need to fund post-COVID economic recovery provides a particularly attractive opportunity for these investments to align financial flows with long-term goals (e.g. the SDGs ) and to generate multiplier economies on a wide range of economic activities. However, to develop these green hydrogen-related projects, it is necessary to consider some aspects that remain crucial from a technical and economic perspective.

In 2021, UNEP FI has been working with its partners to deliver Green Hydrogen Financing webinars to raise awareness of green hydrogen’s potential in the transition to a more sustainable economy among various institutions of the financial system.

The webinars are designed for various stakeholders of the financial market in Latin America and Spain, including executives of financial entities (risk areas, commercial, product development, capital markets, etc.), institutional investors, insurance companies and representatives of government agencies, regulators and supervisors of the financial market and entrepreneurs interested in exploring this type of financial instruments.

Find recordings of past webinars below:

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