Pollution & Circular Economy

Energy Efficiency, Events, News | 09 May 2018

Financing for efficient buildings: Learning from G20 and GlobalABC

In order to realise the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the energy transition, the global building stock needs to be made zero emission, efficient and resilient. As the world adds the equivalent of the floor space of the city of Paris in new construction every week, there is an urgent challenge to bring together those who finance this large amount of new construction with the policy-makers who can enable new construction finance to evolve towards zero emissions.

Energy Efficiency, Events, News | 23 April 2018

Financing energy efficiency in Greece and Cyprus

This event, organised by the European Commission in partnership with UNEP FI and the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy aims to share best practices from Greece and Cyprus as well as further countries on how energy efficiency investments can be financed, including through private sources of capital.

Energy Efficiency, Events, News | 10 November 2017

Energy efficiency in buildings: how to accelerate investments?

This high-level conference will take stock, two years after COP 21, of the significant committments by banks and investors on energy efficiency and identify ways to scale up energy efficiency investment. The event will culminate in a high-level segment with UNEP FI member CEO representation and occurs the day before the summit organised by the French President on the Paris Agreement.

Energy Efficiency, Europe, Events, News, Webinars | 07 September 2017

Webinar: Deployment of Energy Efficient Mortgages in Europe

The European Union's Energy Union Framework Strategy includes energy efficiency as one of its five dimensions and states it is to be considered as an energy source in its own right. The ambitious Paris climate agreement also underlines the importance of energy efficiency. To realise its full potential, public funds will not suffice and private financing will have to be unlocked on a large scale. This webinar, organised in partnership with the European Commission, will discuss the use of energy efficient mortgages in Europe. Register by 22 September 2017.

Energy Efficiency, Events, News, Webinars | 24 August 2017

UNEP FI Member Webinar: Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group – Consultation on the Third Phase

The Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) is a partnership between UN Environment Finance Initiative and the European Commission to scale up energy efficiency financing and investment. This webinar for UNEP FI members is to seek your views on the future development of EEFIG, which will enter its third phase in 2018.