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  • Julie Batch, Chief Customer Officer, Insurance Australia Group (Australia)

UN Environment

  • Eric Usher, Head, UN Environment Finance Initiative (Switzerland)


  • James Wallace, Lead – Insurance Environmental, Social and Governance integration, Sustainable Solutions and Ratings, Allianz (Germany)
  • Mazdak Moini, Chief Operating Officer, Global Corporate & Specialty, Aviva (Canada)
  • Celine Soubranne, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, AXA Group (France)
  • Ivani Benazzi de Andrade, Senior Manager Institutional Relations and Sustainability, Bradesco Seguros (Brazil)
  • Cassim Hansa, Managing Director – Botswana, Continental Re (Botswana)
  • Manoj Parsan, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, FATUM (Suriname)
  • Fatima Lima, Director, Marketing & Sustainability, MAPFRE (Spain)
  • Renate Bleich, Head, Sustainability, Munich Re (Germany)
  • Eckart Roth, Chief Risk Officer, Peak Re (China)
  • Vanessa Otto-Mentz, Head, Group Strategy, Santam (South Africa)
  • Tomas Carmona, Head, Sustainability, SulAmérica (Brazil)
  • Martin Weymann, Head, Sustainability, Political and Emerging Risk, Swiss Re (Switzerland)

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