Consultation: Underwriting environmental, social and governance risks in non-life insurance business

The first ESG guide for the global insurance industry developed by UN Environment’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative

Public consultation: 27 February to 30 September 2019

The public consultation version of the guide can be found at:

The guide is primarily intended for insurance industry participants with non-life insurance business, particularly industrial and commercial insurance business. It is aimed at industry participants who intend to develop their approach to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risk considerations into their core insurance business processes and decision-making.

This guide is also useful for stakeholders who might need to assess or obtain information on ESG risks from insurance industry participants, and who would like to better understand the relevance of ESG issues to the insurance business and approaches to managing them.

This version of the guide is a public consultation document. The consultation period will be open from 27 February to 30 September 2019.

Feedback will be reviewed by members of the PSI project team. Interested parties can alternatively send any feedback for consideration to

A full version of the guide will be published in Q1 of 2020.



1. Does the guide help develop an ESG approach for insurance industry stakeholders and screening of non-life insurance transactions? How can it be improved?

2. Is the guide clear and easily understandable? If not, which sections or areas need improvement and how?

3. Are there any areas missing which should be included in the guide?

4. Is the format useful or would another format be better?

5. How frequently should the guide be updated (e.g. yearly, every two years)?

6. Would additional training or information be helpful? If so, what form (e.g. webinars, training sessions, discussion forums)?

Heat maps
7. Are the heat maps clear and easy to understand?

8. Are there ESG risks which should be added or deleted? Please justify.

9. Are there risk mitigation examples and good practices which should be added or deleted?

10. Are there economic sectors, which are material to ESG risks in non-life insurance underwriting, that should be added?

11. Do you have suggestions on the risk categorisation of specific ESG risks vs economic sectors? Please provide cell reference and explanation.

12. Should some lines of non-life insurance business be added or deleted? Please explain.

13. Do you have suggestions on the risk categorisation of specific ESG risks vs lines of non-life insurance business? Please provide cell reference and explanation.

14. Are you aware of any additional ESG information sources that are relevant, of good quality and with international recognition? Please indicate them.

Additional comments
Please provide your any additional comments, input, questions or suggestions that you may have.

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