Peter Harmer

CEO and Managing Director of IAG

“IAG is proud to be a founding signatory to the Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI). Our involvement with the PSI allows us to play a key role in tackling some of the biggest social, economic and environmental issues our region faces and supports our purpose, to make your world a safer place. We work closely with communities to help them prepare for and recover from disasters, and we have a deep understanding of the risks they face at a local level. As well as conducting the important work of signalling risk through products and pricing, we are also investing in research and working closely with our partners and suppliers to better understand how to reduce the impact of events, and mitigate their occurrence. Our involvement in the PSI allows us to share our insights in conversations with other leading organisations, so that we can all better address the changing and complex risks that we and our communities face and continue to support the sustainability of our region’s economies.”

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