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Tobacco-Free Finance

  Currently, The Pledge has over 140 Signatories and Supporters   They represent: USD $7.1 trillion in Assets under Management USD $1.9 trillion in Corporate Loan Book USD $190 billion in Gross Premiums   1. Background Addressing the financing of tobacco companies—across lending, insurance and investment—is essential to […]

PSI-WWF World Heritage Sites initiative

                                                                                                    Protecting our world heritage The insurance industry’s commitment to protect World Heritage Sites                                                                                                   1. Background Many of the world’s most famous places—those with unparalleled natural and cultural beauty, significance and/or biological diversity such as the Galápagos Islands, the Grand Canyon, the Great […]

Global guidance on the integration of environmental, social and governance risks into insurance underwriting

      1. Background The insurance industry plays a key role in promoting economic, social and environmental sustainability as risk managers, risk carriers and investors. At present, there is no global guidance for the insurance industry on the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks into […]

Global Resilience Project

The Global Resilience Project (GRP) aims to shift the focus of governments, NGOs, communities and businesses to investing in upfront measures that reduce disaster risk, rather than post-disaster relief and recovery efforts. The GRP seeks to do this by deepening understanding of disaster risk reduction (DRR) activities globally, […]

Understanding the links: A global consultation on how insurance policy and regulation could better support sustainable development

This joint project by the PSI Initiative and the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System seeks to understand the links between insurance policy and regulation and sustainable development. The launch of a global consultation process was announced at the inaugural PSI market event in […]

Greening China’s Financial System

The Chinese government is considering policy reforms to green its financial system in order to transition to a green economy and promote sustainable development. This is in line with China’s vision of an “ecological civilization.” The China financial system policy work has several tracks and the PSI Initiative […]

Insurance industry contribution to the UN’s sustainable development agenda

Important United Nations-convened global public policy processes and frameworks on sustainable development will culminate this year. These include the Post-2015 UN Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (March), the UN Sustainable Development Goals (September), and a global climate change agreement to be decided under the UN Framework Convention on […]

Developing ESG underwriting criteria and principles for surety bonds

A surety bond is a unique risk management product that is a form of a performance guarantee, such as guaranteeing the completion of an infrastructure project (e.g. ports, bridges, dams, grids, railways and tunnels). Since infrastructure projects entail substantial completion risks, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors are […]